Owner managed accountants helping owner managed businesses

Nabarro Poole is a North West based practice of chartered and management accountants, with offices in Manchester and clients throughout the UK.

Nabarro Poole believe in supporting their clients all year round, not just when accounts and tax returns are due for filing. We believe that clients deserve to:

  • Know in advance what their accountants are going to cost
  • Get telephone advice without running up new bills
  • Get help from their accountants, when they need it
  • Have the opportunity to pay as little tax as they are legally and honestly able


Success in the Hospitality Industry - Cash Management

In the fluctuant hospitality sector, it’s essential to make hay while the sun shines. Bars, restaurants, hotels and B&Bs can reap the rewards during peak seasons such as summer and Christmas, but many owners face problems in quieter spells when cash flow becomes an issue.

To ride the ebb and flow of the industry, careful cash ...


Top 5 expenses not claimed

Going limited is, by and large, a fantastic decision. Unless you register your business as a limited company, you won’t be able to savour the benefits of many tax breaks built to help you succeed. Expense claims are part of the picture, and it’s a good idea to know what they are so you get the absolute most from a limited ...


How Will Leaving the EU affect My Business?

We have had a large number of our clients and contacts get in touch with us over the last month or so to try to understand what changes to expect after Britain leaves the EU. These have come from micro-businesses up to larger business that export their products worldwide. Of course, we do not know the specific effect that Brexit will have, but ...