Owner managed accountants helping owner managed businesses

Nabarro Poole is a North West based practice of chartered and management accountants, with offices in Manchester and clients throughout the UK.

Nabarro Poole believe in supporting their clients all year round, not just when accounts and tax returns are due for filing. We believe that clients deserve to:

  • Know in advance what their accountants are going to cost
  • Get telephone advice without running up new bills
  • Get help from their accountants, when they need it
  • Have the opportunity to pay as little tax as they are legally and honestly able

16th January 2016

January Cash Flow tips

While the first strains of the New Year are a time of recalibration for many people, those in the catering business tend to suffer from tightened guts and wallets. The gluttonous qualities of Christmas are now a fast-fading memory, turning January into an uphill battle for restaurateurs, bar owners and café maestros to bag a healthy ...

5th January 2016

5 Ways Directors Can Minimise Their Income Tax

Tax, like death, is inevitable. But for the self-employed, the prospect of waving goodbye to your hard-won earnings can be a difficult pill to swallow. As a director of a limited company, you have obligations to fork out a good chunk of your earnings every tax period. And since the January 31st deadline is coming up, we think you ...

16th December 2016

How Hospitality Businesses Can Harness FinTech

The upending realities of the 21st century seemingly have no precedent, at least in terms of the speed that our lives and businesses are changing. Money, for example, has almost always been swapped from hand to hand across history. Yet now we’re in a period where finance is predominantly digital, and companies have sprung up ...